Therapeutic Exercise Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are exercises that are specifically selected for you by your physiotherapist to facilitate your recovery from injury or improve your current physical condition. This can be any combination of exercises that are done at home as directed by your physiotherapist, or exercises that are done in our clinic rehabilitation gym under direct supervision. The goal is to help you maintain progress in flexibility, strength and function and to facilitate gains made in conjunction with other treatments in our clinic. For more information, Contact us at Whitehorse, Yukon center.


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We are open again!!!

We have been cleared to re-open under specific guidelines from the Yukon Government Chief Medical Officer of Health.  We are maintaining strict cleanliness, hand hygiene and social distancing procedures in order to maintain the safety of our clients and staff.

For those of you who prefer to still use our telehealth services we will continue to offer those services as well.

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