Job Demands Analysis

A Job Demands Analysis/Physical Demands Analysis (JDA/PDA) is a systematic procedure to evaluate all the physical and environmental demands components of the essential and non-essential job tasks of a job. All the forces (lifting, pushing pulling), postures (standing, sitting, stooping, crouching, etc), and movements (walking, crawling, climbing) needed for a job as observed, measured and assessed.
These reports are then utilized by the employer to help with all aspects of the employee journey. They help to determine what testing needs to be done in the hiring process to ensure that the individual is physically able to complete the essential tasks. The reports can be useful in directing training for new employees. They also can be used in the return to work process if an injured employee is returning to the job site. The JDA reports will also help to guide the rehabilitation process to ensure they have the physical capacity to safely return to work. They are also an important component of the safety culture of a workplace as they allow space to review processes and reflect on the various jobs.
These assessments can be used on any job from one that is office based to industrial locations.

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