Strength & Conditioning Programs

Strength & Conditioning Programs

Our physiotherapists are able to create personalized exercise programs that can target either sports performance goals, injury recovery, post-operative recovery or focus on personal health improvement.

Sports performance conditioning programs start with a full assessment and then the therapist creates a program that is specific to the sport involved. These sports could be running, wrestling, mountain biking, soccer, swimming, speed skating and much more. There would be scheduled follow-ups with the therapist to ensure that form and technique are being developed and things are progressing as needed. These programs are great for specifically improving performance in athletic competition and daily life. An equally important part is teaching proper form for the various exercises so everything is done in a safe and efficient manner. Strength coaches also help athletes with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their sports performances.

Injury recovery exercises are exercises that are specifically selected for you by your therapist to facilitate your recovery from injury or improve your current physical condition. This can be any combination of exercises that are done at home as directed by your therapist, or exercises that are done in our clinic rehabilitation gym under direct supervision. The goal is to help you maintain progress in flexibility, strength and function and to facilitate gains made in conjunction with other treatments in our clinic.

Post-operative exercise programs will be supervised exercises following the directions that were given by the surgeon. The specificity and speed of progression would be directed by the client’s individual recovery and the surgeon’s post-op instructions. These are excellent programs as any questions the client’s have regarding the surgery can be answered by the physiotherapist and any communication and coordination that needs to happen between the family doctor, the surgeon and the physiotherapist can take place in a timely manner that will help to increase the speed of healing and allow the client peace of mind.

Exercise programs for personal health improvement can be everything from a targeted walking program to exercises and a plan that is more focussed on weight loss and personal health. For more information, Contact us at Whitehorse, Yukon center.

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