Patient Testimonials

  • A few years ago I had a pretty bad mountain biking crash. I lost control of my bike at high speed on a trail in Carcross. I flew over the handlebars and went into the ground hard. I partially separated my shoulder and experienced side effects for over a year after that. I was in constant discomfort. I had aching pain in my shoulder, pretty bad tension headaches, loss of strength on the side that I fell on, and it was even keeping me up at night. My biggest mistake was NOT GOING TO PHYSIO.

    Fast forward to earlier this year: I was riding a really cool mountain bike trail in Squamish, BC and crashed on a huge blind steep rock roll feature. I re-injured my shoulder, just when it was starting to feel better. This time, after experiencing all of the same side effects but worse, I decided to talk to my GP. My doctor didn’t take long to decide that physiotherapy was going to be the first step to my recovery.

    That same day I went up to Physio Plus at the Canada Games Centre and to my amazement they were able to book me in for an assessment that same week. Normally it takes 2 weeks to book anything in Whitehorse! The front desk staff were polite, professional and very helpful. Physiotherapist Alia Pfeiffer performed my initial assessment. She was very thorough and was happy to explain everything she was doing and why. I left the initial assessment with a good feeling knowing that I was in professional and capable hands.

    Booking follow up appointments couldn’t have been easier with the help of the front end staff and the text message reminders the day before every appointment were a really nice touch so that I didn’t miss a single session. The rehab did not move too fast and Alia really wanted to make sure I wasn’t making things worse. We still managed to progress with the exercises almost every session.

    I now have full range of motion in my shoulder and NO MORE PAIN! Thank you Alia and the entire staff at Physio Plus. 10/10! I do recommend!

    Sam Reimer

  • I’ve been seeing Thane for my chronic feet issues, bunions have taken over my feet and I have had chronic bursitis because of the overcrowding of my metatarsals for almost 2 years, Thane tried everything to get me back on my feet comfortably. Unfortunately, for me surgery on both feet was necessary. I have completed my first of two grueling surgeries (December 5, 2016) the surgery itself was a bunionectomy with a joint fusion, bursitis removal and some ligament work…the first two weeks were absolute hell, physically and mentally. I consider myself super lucky that while my husband was in to see Thane for his weekly appointment – Thane told him to have me call and book in for an apt at the two-week mark…for me that appointment was the absolute game changer. That night my pain was substantially decreased, I had a set of exercises to focus on, some light massage to increase blood flow and decrease pain, I now was able to take my cast off with the purpose of actively working towards my recovery, I had at this point officially begun to heal with purpose. I saw my surgeon for my post op assessment 6.5 weeks post op, I was walking crutch free (for several weeks at this point because again – Thane encouraged me to start heel walking (I did not want to) to promote bone health and to just get going…my surgeon was very impressed with the speed of my recovery and I have since been walking cast free in my home, 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Every time I hit a milestone in my recovery – Thane is in my ear (even when he’s not around) encouraging me to try harder go further, do the exercises! Physio with Physio Plus really does ensure that you are working towards your optimal health with your needs, and your best recovery possible in mind…Did I mention I was also encouraged to book a massage with Chris? I had a massage focused on my legs and hips…If a girl could purr. I have the exact same surgery coming up for my other foot…before I had my first physio apt I was having some pretty major anxiety about it, now I know if I can make it to my first physio apt that I will be just fine – If any of you are having Bunion surgery – do yourself a favour and make an apt 2 weeks post op apt.

    Jill Nash

  • I have seen two physiotherapists at PhysioPlus for pre and post knee surgery physio at both the game centre and the downtown office. Both locations are highly professional with courteous staff. They were willing and able to accommodate my schedule for appointments. They got me back to running and cycling after double knee surgery. I doubt my recovery would have been as successful without their help.

    John Miller

  • Even though I’m no longer in my 20’s(or 30’s or 40’s), I’ve learned it’s possible to fully recover with the right physio support and homework. Thanks so much Sue J, Mandy and Catherine!

    Tracee Vickerman

  • I had torn my plantar fascia last August.Over the next 8 months I saw my doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, chiro, acupuncturist and finally came to see Thane at Physio Plus. After 8 months of horrible pain and being unable to put weight on my foot, he helped me with orthotics, treatment and exercises. I am now 95% pain free and am back running. I could not be happier with my experience at PhysioPlus!

    Elena Matechuk Joss

  • As a guide, I depend on my body to earn a living. Thane gets this and has gone above and beyond to address the injuries I’ve sustained on and off the job. The clinics are clean and the staff are all friendly and professional.

    James Minifie

  • I’ve seen therapists at Physio Plus for a number of years, and have been consistently impressed with the customized therapy, excellent therapists, and helpful staff. Best physio clinic in town!

    Scott Keesey

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