Running Gait Assessments Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Running Gait Assessments

A running assessment can be for anyone – whether you are a competitive runner looking to hit a PB, or someone who enjoys running for the peace and quiet, we can fit the assessment to suit your needs.

You don’t have to be injured! A lot of the things that make a running assessment helpful for someone who is injured are the same things that will help make someone who isn’t sore more efficient and faster – and more fun!

The running assessment is made of several parts – we’ll have a chat first to talk about your goals, reason for wanting the assessment in the first place, and about any old injuries (or current aches & pains) that are getting in the way. This is really important information, because it helps to guide the rest of what we will do.

The actual running part will last about 20 minutes (give or take – it can be modified if needed) and will involve running or walking at a comfortable pace. In the case of performance-oriented assessment, some faster running will be done to see if there are any changes that happen as you hit higher speeds.  We might make some videos, try some different things, and experiment a little bit with your technique.

We use this to figure out the “causes” and the “effects” – sometimes people are sore when they run, but their running is totally normal. In other cases, the running itself is the reason people are sore. This can be really hard to figure out on your own, but with our help you will get some answers to these questions.

After this, we make a plan – it might involve some technique work with your running, such as a change in stride pattern or cadence. It might also involve some specific strengthening or stretching exercises that are intend to improve your running. We’ll make recommendations about training load, periodization, and other things as well. Finally, we’ll discuss if a follow-up will be helpful to look at your progress, or agree on what some next steps look like.

Happy running!

For more information, contact our physiotherapists at Whitehorse, Yukon center.

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