Custom Knee Braces Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Custom Knee Braces

PhysioPlus is proud to offer custom knee braces from Ossur. These knee braces are available for a variety of conditions. Clients who are getting a knee brace are first assessed for need and the specific problem they need the brace for. Common examples of knee issues that can benefit greatly from a custom knee braces are knee instability caused by a ligament injury, post-operative knee brace to allow complete recovery and return to full function, and unloading knee bracing for osteoarthritis.

The ligament braces are designed in order to allow the individual to return to full function and the activities they engaged in before their injury. This can be anything from downhill skiing to hiking to being able to play with their grandkids. The ligament braces typically have hinge on either side to help control the direction and amount of movement.

Our most common unloading brace is the Ossur Unloader One. This is a revolutionary brace that is designed to be light and comfortable while unloading either the medial or lateral compartment to allow the clients to be pain free and participate in their daily activities with as few limits as possible. This brace has been clinically proven to help with the symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce the use of pain medication. In some cases, we are able to delay or prevent the need for surgery.

Our custom knee brace appointments take about one hour and involve a full assessment, measurements for sizing and specific photos that are all used in the production of a custom knee brace. Once the brace arrives back at our clinic, we book a fitting appointment for the client and go over any education that is needed for proper use of the brace. For more information, Contact us at Whitehorse, Yukon center.

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