Running Gait Assessments Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Running Gait Assessments

Running gait assessments are for individuals of all levels who are looking to improve their running or decrease their risk of injury. These assessments can be great for anyone, from someone who is running ultra marathons to someone who likes to run a couple of times a week for short distances. Even people who are just starting out running for the first time can benefit greatly from an assessment.

The 40-60 minute assessment includes measuring the strength and range of motion of the feet, ankles, knees and hips. After this the individual is observed barefoot walking and running on the treadmill. This is followed by a treadmill session using their preferred footwear. Individual recommendations for cadence, foot placement, posture and others are provided. If needed footwear recommendations are also included. Then exercises targeting the underlying issues are provided to help each individual achieve their goals.

Education on appropriate footwear can also be proved if that is necessary.  This assessment is done by our trained professionals with the goal of maximizing your walking or running potential.


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